Literature Database: Gender in Sub-Saharan Africa

This webpage offers bibliographical information on gender in Sub-Saharan Africa.

It is structured along country and thematic contents. It is possible to select information on gender issues in a particular Sub-Saharan country.

In addition, this webpage offers thematic overviews, like publications (articles, reports and books) about gender issues related to ecology, climate change, economy, society, history, politics, law, culture and religion, health and media. Based on a broad gender approach, it goes beyond women’s studies and includes publications on masculinities and LGBTI on the continent and in each country South of the Sahara.

The collection includes publications by African, American and European authors. It covers many decades of gender research and is based on my own research in West and Southern Africa on gender and agriculture, women’s rights, gender-based violence, post-war masculinities and LGBTI organisations.

I hope it helps to appreciate the rich body of research results to understand gender issues and peoples lives in African countries. At the same time it wants to acknowledge women and men as well as LGBTI activists as agents of change.

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